We think. We talk. We do.

We create new or develop existing business from idea to concept to project to successful daily operation (process). We don’t just supply but co-create with our clients and provide all necessary commercial, technical and creative skills. Our flexible team consists of talented fanatic (local) professionals that are thoroughly selected, trained and coached to face any challenge.

With over 20 years of experience in the extremely competitive and developed Dutch market we are confidently expanding our activities to booming international markets like Morocco (Marrakech) and Emirates (Dubai). We specialize in next-generation business innovation and development with a distinct touch of the famous Dutch efficiency and simplicity.

Our core team. Happy people. Fanatic experts.

Duncan Callender
Duncan CallenderStrategy Director (CEO)
Jo Callender
Jo CallenderProcess Developer (VP)
Mikke Leenders
Mikke LeendersProject Developer (VP)
Roy van der Weijden
Roy van der WeijdenProject Specialist
Andy Vladimirov
Andy VladimirovProject Specialist
Jerry Leunissen
Jerry LeunissenProject Specialist
Shawn Mahadewsing
Shawn MahadewsingProject Specialist
Dennis Vereijken
Dennis VereijkenProject Specialist
Jeroen Heessels
Jeroen HeesselsProject Specialist
Jacky Hsu
Jacky HsuProject Specialist
Ahmed Salhi
Ahmed SalhiProject Specialist
Abdelhaq Elmandili
Abdelhaq ElmandiliProject Specialist
Zineb El Moumen
Zineb El MoumenFinancial Controller (CFO)

Get in touch. Challenge us. We love it.

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Big Thinking International
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Big Thinking International
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